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5 Best Coffee Shops In The World

It’s Ok we all get it. You love your Grande Chai Tea Latte, 3 Pump, Skim Milk, Lite Water, No Foam, Extra Hot. But go out in search of your usual brew while traveling abroad, and they’ll judge you HARD. And so will we.

Here are some of the best places to hit up for authentic alternatives. No excuses, No Polystyrene, No ordering ‘to go’.

  • 1) Haas Coffee, Cape Town
  • Want to sample the best? The Haas Collective in Cape Town stocks some of the most expensive and most controversial coffees in the world. Rare gourmet blends form smooth tasting brews that go for $30 a cup, so sit, savour & enjoy. All the while take in all the bold oil paintings, whimsical and traditional furniture fill the space beautifully.

    Haas Coffee Collective South Africe

    2) Limestone Coffee Co. (Medford, Ore., USA)

    The Limestone Coffee Co. in Oregon is designed to be free from pretension and attitude, it looks like a spacious living room with lots of natural sunlight. The bar is made of reclaimed wood from a shuttered mill which makes all the cooler pour over jugs and Chemex that adorn the side look even cooler. Especially when combined with and a curved staircase that leads to more seating in an upper level. It’s a great place to squirrel away for an afternoon.

    3) Coffee Collective in Copenhagen

    The Coffee Collective is so cool and so cute you feel like you’re somewhere between an influencers social media account and a 90’s tv series about six friends! Stroll in and have a fresh brew, I highly recommend its classic set, which includes a shot of espresso served with a traditional-style cappuccino. There is also one of the world leading Barista’s, who isn't bad on the eye!

    4) Addison & Steele in Perth, Australia

    Unless you have ever had your coffee brewed by a fire and a siphon, this is an absolute must see! This artisan shop will give you plenty to stare at, such as the handmade light bulb chandeliers and other awesome nik naks and extras. Never fear however, the Coffees are not overwhelmed by the surroundings and stand up to even the most picky palettes.

    5) Amethyst (Chennai, India)

    Amethyst is beautiful in every sense of the word. It is an outdoor tropical garden designed with wicker chairs at a first glance. Your second glance affords you an insight of the interior with stunning marbled floors accompanied with portraits of the original family that owned the mansion that the cafe sits in.

    Should you be in need of a florist, a few books, some jewellery or clothing with a South Indian theme you can kill two birds with one stone at the in house stores.

    This Cafe is a favourite with expats and locals, who rock up for great food and a selection of hot and cold coffees.

    There are so many wonderful coffee shops in the world and it was a task to select just 5, so I will be featuring more of these divine, hip, cool, wonderful places in the future because frankly they are all places you should go as a fellow coffee lover.