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Five Most Expensive Coffees In The World

Believe it or not there are some Coffee beans that pound for pound are up there with the most expensive products on earth.

Here are just a few:


1. Black Ivory Coffee from Northern Thailand = up to $500 Lb

The ‘curation’ of this coffee is an acquired taste for sure, and might not be everyone’s cuppa but there is no getting away from the fact that this is one of the most expensive Coffee’s we’ve come across.

Made by feeding Arabica Coffee cherries to Elephants, the extra aromas and flavours are caused when the beans pass through the Elephants’ digestive system as the proteins are broken down. Without this process the Coffee is far more bitter and less aromatic. The creative manner of making this Coffee is what causes the exceptional price especially when combined with the fact that not many of the coffee cherries survive or can be found after being digested. Whether they are lost upon excretion, chewed up or break down too much during digestion is unclear but the result is that a lot of cherries go in one end and very few can be curated the other end.


2. Hacienda La Esmeralda Coffee from Panama = up to $350 Lb

This is an unusual Coffee in our top three because it isn’t ingested or partially digested by any animals. Rather it is simply a top quality speciality coffee curated by some of the most conscientious owners they are constantly chasing any new strategies or hints to improve their Coffee.

Hacienda La Esmeralda Coffee is also unique as it is sold to retailers by way of their own auctions. A true gem made by Coffee lovers for Coffee lovers.

3. Luwak Coffee from Indonesia = up to $160 Lb

Luwak Coffee commonly called civet coffee,hits the top of this list not just because of the extravagant way it’s created but because it’s hefty and eye watering price tag. At $160 Lb this stuff is no joke. In case you’re new to the furore that surrounds Luwak Coffee it is made by Mongeese ingesting the coffee beans, digesting and then passing them.

Now we’re not jumping either side of this controversial debate but the the fact remains that you won’t find many more expensive coffees!


4. Helena Coffee from St. Helena = up to $79 Lb

The Island of St Helena is located about 1200 miles West of Africa and in a unusual historical twist the Coffee was made famous and popularised by Napoleon Bonaparte who not only loved it but actually planted seeds during his exile in 1815.

The bean is a green tipped Arabic Coffee bean that’s exclusive to St Helena.


5. Fazenda Santa Ines from Brazil = up to $50 Lb

Quintessentially Brazilian this Coffee is incredibly simple, stylish and straight to the point. Grown, and cultivated in the Minas Geraiz region of Brazil where to this day they still use traditional methods. That’s right, there is no automation at all in this process. As a result, when you ask people to describe the taste they use words like ‘sweet berry’ and caramel, the language you would expect from a beautiful product created by beautiful people. If you can afford $50 Lb this is one of the more affordable in the range.