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How To Choose A Great Coffee

Choosing a great Coffee is not easy even when you know a little bit about it. Being faced with row after row of similar looking labels covered with marketing jargon can be intimidating at the best of times. So how do you choose a great Coffee when all you have to go on is a label?


Here are a few top tips:

  1. Always go for whole beans

I know not everyone has a grinder at home but you can ask the store or local barista to grind them for you. Coffee that is roasted and ground right away loses a fair amount of it taste and flavor. Manufacturers selling ground Coffee shows right away a lack of understanding of what it takes to make a really great Coffee, so you can skip the bags of pre ground Coffees!


  1. Roast Date

At absolute most roasted beans kept sealed and out of sunlight will last 4-6 months (although why you would keep great Coffee for that long is lost on me). So pay attention to the roasting date and use that as a purchase guideline.

If the bag doesn’t have a roasting date be even more concerned… back away slowly!


  1. Cupping Notes

When Coffee beans are roasted, they have a taster that writes a commentary about how the Coffee tastes and any individual elements. That process is called cupping and the person that carries it out is known as a cuppa.

So the cupping notes should be made when the Coffee is at it’s absolute best, if they can’t get excited about it then, by the time you get to taste it, it will only have gone downhill. If they have no cupping notes at all, they couldn’t be bothered to pay someone to taste their Coffee and write about it!


  1. Details about the farm

If you get seriously into your Coffee you will probably discover that you have a preference for a particular region but right now that’s not the point. You are looking on the packet for information about the particular region, farm or how it was sourced. The answer is almost irrelevant unless you are a Coffee aficionado, however the fact that the manufacturer has taken the time and care to include the information suggests the take care and attention over the sourcing of the produce.


  1. 100% Coffee

If a bag of Coffee beans feels the need to tell you it contains 100% Coffee as some kind of marketing play, drop it and walk away. 100% Coffee is pretty much a minimum requirement and not something to brag about!