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How To Drink Espresso

Espresso is quite simply one of the coolest drinks in existence. If you can drink Espresso the way it is meant to be enjoyed you can go from being high school nerd to looking like the suavest person in town in under 30 seconds.

That’s the great news.

The bad news is that unless you happen to be born in some of the coolest places in Europe or were blessed to be surrounded with a Coffee culture then it is entirely possible to look like a chump and not the star of the next James Bond movie like you were hoping!

Now the good news, this is how you can drink Espresso like a rockstar in a few simple steps:


  1. Order an Espresso

Seems like an obvious first step but commonly people are afraid or intimidated to order an Espresso, but now’s the time so bite the bullet and order the drink! Remember that an Espresso is like a magnifying glass on Coffee, the process that it goes through accentuates and emphasises the flavours and blends. If initially the taste appears overwhelming bear with it and give it time, you will grow to love a truly special Coffee.

The Barista may ask if you would like a double or a single, when they do.. Make it a double!


  1. Sparkling Water

You should be offered a sparkling water while your Espresso is being created. This water acts as a palette cleanser, you are paying a lot for this one onze you want to be sure you can taste and enjoy it thoroughly.


  1. Smell the Espresso

Scent is a huge part of taste so using your fingertips to hold the handle raise the cup to your nose and inhale the scent.


  1. Consider the Crema

The light brown Crema layer is the most bitter part of the Coffee. There are a few approaches you can take to this part of the drink.

  1. Stir in the Crema ~ it will make the rest of the Espresso more bitter but will prevent you having a single bitter gulp.
  2. Sip the Crema ~ Some like to sip the Crema as they start out giving a bitter initial taste.
  3. Discard the Crema ~ This is of course sacrilege to Espresso traditionalists however beginners might choose to scrape the Crema off the top and discard it. It usually results in a sweeter, lighter and more evenly textured drink.
  1. Gulp or Sip

When it comes to actually enjoying the coffee there are again a couple of options.

Some say the flavour starts to change within 30 seconds of the Coffee being poured and so it should be enjoyed in one gulp.

There is a second camp that say Espresso should be enjoyed by way of a number of small sips. Because of the texture of the Coffee each sip coats your mouth and throat effectively changing the taste of each sip. Traditionalists often choose to sip water between each mouthful to refresh the palate and taste each sip anew.

So there you go. That’s how to drink Espresso like an Italian!