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How To Get That Great Coffee Experience At Home

If you’re reading this then likely you drink coffee at least once per day, every day. Sometimes you can pop to your local Cafe and other times you are at home either busy or just plain hung over! Either way you don’t want the quality of your Coffee to drop.

You want the same Cafe quality and taste experience while relaxing at home, without having to worry about brushing your hair.

These are some Barista approved strategies guaranteed to get you great Coffee at home without breaking the bank or taking an hour.

Caveat: It will take a little bit of time and a little bit of money but great Coffee is entirely worth it!

  1. Buy Whole Coffee Beans

Buy fresh beans. It’s worth it! When not stored in directly sunlight and stored ideally in a ceramic jar fresh beans last a couple of weeks and really do form the basis of a great coffee.

A few other things to keep in mind when storing your beans include; Avoid storing them in a fridge or freezer and definitely avoid air conditioners or heaters. Where possible stick to air tight conditioners.

  1. Grind your beans at home

To unlock the maximum flavor potential of freshly ground coffee beans, grind coffee right before use - literally right before. There's a huge range of coffee bean grinders out on the market, and as expected, the pricier the grinder the better the grind. Don’t forget though, that there are different textures of grinds that correlate to each method of coffee brewing so check out your fav’s before you do a random purchase.

Once you’ve made your cup don’t forget not to to freeze your grinds but instead store them in a dark, airtight container until your next taste of luxury.

  1. Use filtered water

This really can’t be underestimated. Coffee is after all 99% water so if you use horrible water you will make a horrible coffee.

This doesn’t have to be water collected by a unicorn under a rainbow, carried in a gold lined jar or anything excessive but a simple filter will do the trick.

  1. Consider a Chemex

A Chemex is an hourglass-shaped glass coffee maker that uses specially designed filters to produce clear, pure flavorful coffee. This uniquely-shaped coffeepot is perfect for pour-overs and serious coffee drinkers alike.

  1. Don’t burn the beans

Slowly, slowly, pour off the boil water over the beans. Your goal is to ‘wet’ them, so pour slow enough they absorb the water and it doesn’t just cause the beans to rise to the surface. Then pour in the hot water, again, slowly. Stirring gently.

  1. Make it your own

The best way to really personalise your Coffee is to add any personal flavours that you happen to like. Traditional flavored syrups like chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut and caramel really step up your coffee creations.

The first cup you make won’t be the best ever but will still be head and shoulders above the swill you have been drinking.