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How to make a perfect coffee using a cafetiere

Making the perfect Cafetiere won’t happen the first time you try but in this instance practice really does make perfect.

So bear with the average tasting Coffees until you nail this life-affirming skill!


  1. First up you really do need great tools to make a great Coffee, so choose some great coffee beans and have them ground to right consistency for your chosen Coffee.
  2. Second, warm your Cafetiere. Remember they are usually made from glass so putting boiling water in or on it could cause it to crack. But you can fill it up with hot water and let it heat the glass up (Don’t forget to empty the water before the Coffee making extravaganza).
  3. Quality coffees will have been carefully roasted to bring out the flavours and characteristics unique to that blend if you don’t use the right amount of Coffee for the amount of water you won’t get the best the Coffee has to offer. Most commonly aiming for 7g of ground coffee per ‘cup’ is a great rule of thumb. This means for an 8-cup cafetiere (which is most common) you’d need to use 56g and always fill your cafetiere to capacity.
  4. Boil the kettle and then let it stand for a minute or so. If you want to go all out use bottled or at least filtered water, seems drastic but makes a difference!
  5. Pre Infuse your grounds by adding a small amount of water initially, stirring thoroughly and making sure the grounds have all absorbed some water.
  6. Add the remaining water to the capacity of your Cafetiere, stir a few times again ensuring all grounds are wet. Leave it to brew for a few minutes depending on the blend and then plunge and pour immediately.
  7. The last point is really important, pour the Coffee immediately to prevent over brewing.

There you go, that’s your step by step guide to a perfect Cafetiere Coffee.