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Six Best Coffees In The World

Around 70 countries now grow pretty great coffee beans so deciding the best six isn’t straight forward but don’t you worry, we’re up to the task and we’ve nailed a great selection right here.

In fact they are so good, we think you should add a world coffee tour onto your bucket list, it’s pretty much a must do!

Here are our top choices to waken your palette and brighten your day.  You can thank us later!


  1. Ceremonial Coffee - Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the birthplace of Coffee, so prepare yourself for an hour long epic. No such thing as a quick cup for these savvy sippers.

The process really is ceremonial and includes roasting the beans, grinding the beans and then brewing the coffee. They will usually brew in three different strengths from super strong, normal and weak.

Take your time,enjoy the process and drink up!

  1. Kenya’s ‘Kenya Karatu’

Produced by farmers in a Kenyan cooperative this coffee is distinct and intense. A medium - light roast with Brisk, floral acidity, a fudgy mouthfeel and toffee notes. Kenya continues to produce some of the world’s most elegant and distinctive coffees and this is no different.

  1. Cafe Cortado, Argentina

Simply put Buenos Aires wouldn't function without the cafe cortado, a great Argentinian coffee served in a small cup that is roughly half coffee and half hot, frothed milk. In the morning a cortado in Buenos Aires is usually taken with two or three small, sweet croissants – at a cafe surrounded by friends.

As with much of life in BA and all great Coffee’s, it's not a thing to be rushed.


  1. Ca phe sua da, Vietnam

If you are looking for a delicious pick me up, Coffee prepared in the traditionally Vietnamese way is exactly what you are looking for. In Vietnam they prepare Coffee with hot water poured into a mini percolator of rich, dark grains that sits on top of a glass. The glossy black liquid then drips through that percolator and lands in a puddle of thick, sweet, condensed milk when combined with a handful of ice cubes you have a small piece of magic.


  1. Italian Espresso

For Italians, an Espresso is something to be revered and cherished. Certainly nothing to be taken lightly or messed around with!

Italians believe an espresso should have around 7 grams of Coffee, take no more than 25 seconds to make and should be enjoyed at the bar while chatting to the Barista.


  1. Mandheling - Sumatra Indonesia

The coffees from Sumatra in Western Indonesia Indonesian are sweet, crisp and complex. The body is smooth, well-balanced and acidic, whilst containing notes of tobacco, cocoa, smoke, earth, and cedar wood. The name Mandheling, comes from the people who produce it.