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The Best Handmade Quality Products From Upcycled Coffee Sacks

The exciting reality is that the world is finally changing, our obsession with all things Poly- blend is coming to end! More and more of us are seeking out and buying gifts, clothes and products that prioritize quality, style, affordability and history. We love to buy things that have a story and come with a journey, especially when combined with style, charisma and just damn good quality.

This is never more true than it is with accessories made with upcycled Coffee sacks.

Each Coffee sack is unique, you see, when coffee is transported from plantations to the location it will be prepared in it is stamped with unique identifiers that identify the year, and usually either or both of the plantation and the bean. For the producers this is a challenge that means they can’t be reused.

However for us it means we get to have super sexy accessories that are entirely unique, ethical, good for the environment and supporting communities. It just doesn’t get better than that.

These are the most stylish must have coffee sack accessories around; get yours and join the story.

Coffee Sack and Leather Ipad Air Sleeve

These bad boys really do ooze style. Lined with the softest faux suede and supported by a firm padding your Ipad air slides into this sleeve with all the elegance of a supermodel sliding into a silk dress, it’s effortless and awesome.

The superior quality 100% real Italian leather is stitched with meticulous detail into the coffee sack to provide a stunning solution for you to carry your iPad while keeping it accessible, protected and stylish.

There are a few designs. Check them out iPad Sleeve


Coffee Sack Journal Notebook

Up until now Meeting notes & to do lists have been uninspiring and dull, well that is the case no longer. Now all your thoughts and musings can be kept in this stylish Coffee sack and quality canvas journal notebook and cover. Filled with a plain paper recycled notebook, and easily replaced this is the answer to your note taking needs.

Check them out Coffee Sack Journal Notepad


Cafés Dos Brasil Women’s Handbag

Flying somewhere warm and sunny or woman around town? Don’t worry about choosing, this bag will complete your outfit and I don’t mind saying perhaps even your life. 100% Italian leather forms the lower half of this bag making it hard wearing, flexible and quite simply stunning especially in conjunction with the authentic and original Coffee sack.

The interior is lined with a thick foam and then covered with a blue and white striped canvas quality cover to protect your goodies. A secure interior pocket for phone, keys and purse along with a large, easily accessible compartment.

There are some more designs so go check them out. Women's Coffee Sack & Leather Handbag

Cafés do Brasil Laptop bag

Take your laptop to work? Sick of carrying a laptop bag that makes you look like a middle aged bore? Then these bad boys are what you are looking for.

A cotton shoulder strap with leather padding. A separate padded section will keep any laptop up to 15.6” safe and comfy.

Detailed stitching ensures class is written all over this sexy piece and you can decide whether you want to match the smooth latte side or the Cafés do Brasil to your outfit choice of the day.

There are other sleek designs so go check them out. Laptop Bag Coffee Sack & Real Leather