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The Story Behind Our Coffee Sacks

Why Coffee? Why Sacks? Why Accessories?

Gen X, Y and Z get a lot of stick as far as modern style and fashion go. Granted some of it is justified.. we really shouldn’t be forgiven for the double denim Faux Pas of the early noughties but a lot of the stick isn’t justified.

As a generation (like Presso Design) we are conscientious, thoughtful, stylish and environmentally friendly.

The story behind our products from the idea to the materials is nearly as beautiful as the products themselves and is exactly why our clients keep coming back for more. It goes like this..

Not long before the London Olympics in 2012 our Co- founder Andras visited Rome and like all good tourists was relaxing in a quiet back street Café in Rome sipping a perfect espresso crafted by a talented Barista when he noticed a pile of stunning Coffee sacks each individual and unique.

Already chatting away to the Barista Andras asked him where the sacks came from and what they were doing with them.

The Barista explained that the sacks brought the Beans directly from the plantation and because they had the marking of that specific batch and year they could only be used once. Occasionally a tourist like Andras bought one as a souvenir but otherwise they were discarded.

Instantly entranced by these sacks Andras bought a couple of these bags and returned home with them despite having no idea what he was going to do with them.

Fast forward a couple of months, Andras needed a new Ipad cover. After a trawling through the usual shops and online outlets, nothing was quite matching the individual style he was after.

Walking back in the door to his home, Andras spotted the Coffee sacks and new instantly what he wanted to do.

Create a unique, stylish IPad cover out of the Coffee sacks. Sadly, while the mind was willing Andras had absolutely no idea how to actually make this happen and physically turn the sack into a great looking and functional cover. Luckily help came in the form of a local leather craftsman.

The leatherworker was an absolute genius and crafted a beautiful, stylish Ipad case combining the best quality leather and these unique Coffee sacks. It went down a storm. Pretty soon, friends, family and even people in the street were asking Andras where he got the cover from and could they get one.

Presso Design was born.

While production is now on a bigger scale nothing has changed. The best quality sacks are still specifically chosen, hugely talented generations of leather workers work on these sacks to create something with heart, soul and style unlike you’ll see anywhere else.

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