About Us - Presso Design

About Us


Presso Design is a small, family owned brother & sister business dedicated to crafting laptop, iPad, iPhone etc. sleeves and computer bags made from upcycled coffee sacks and real Italian leather. Kata is responsible for design, while Andras handles the sales and marketing of the products.


About the sacks

The main focus of Presso Design is the upcycling of used burlap coffee sacks. In the coffee industry, these sacks are single use only. They are filled with green coffee beans at the place of the coffee’s origin and then used to store and transport the beans. At the end at the coffee roasteries, they are simply cut open and thrown away. Presso Design buys these bags in bulk and after careful selection they are used as a raw material for the bags and sleeves. These sacks have a beautiful variety because each region and country has its own graphics and writings for the coffee sacks.


 Story of Presso Design

Once upon a time… (2012) in an old café during a visit in Rome, Andras was enjoying his espresso with his friends when he spotted a huge pile of used coffee sacks in the corner for sale. He immediately fell in love with the interesting prints and the rustic feel, and decided to purchase a couple of them. He took them home but had no idea what to do with them!

Months later, when he needed a cover for his iPad, he then got this ‘crazy idea’ to turn the sacks into an iPad sleeve. Knowing very little about bag design, the solution finally arrived with the help of a local leather craftsman. The first ‘presso design’ bag seemed to attract a lot of attention and people kept asking where he bought it from. This gave the idea to Andras to set up Presso Design. 


The Production

Each Presso Design bag and sleeve is hand crafted. In addition to the coffee sacks, natural burlap and hemp canvas is also used to make the bags more durable. For most products, the burlap or canvas is combined with pure Italian leather. The natural variations of coffee sacks are reflected in the final products as well. Because each coffee sack is different and also because dozens of different designs are used, no two bags or sleeves will ever be exactly the same; making Presso Design bags one of a kind. In addition to the high quality of our products, however, we also pride ourselves in their eco-friendly and eco-efficient nature.


The Business

Kata is the designer of the sleeves and she also chooses the materials to be used for production. Andras handles the sales and marketing side of the business. All bags are hand crafted in Europe by highly skilled leathermen and then shipped to the US, where there is the base for sales, distribution and customer service. Shipping is available from the US and also Europe so we can serve our two biggest markets with greater efficiency and better customer service.